I am iTDi



Hi, everyone! I am an iTDi Trainer from iTDi Team Indonesia and I am proud to be part of International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi) with many wonderful educators around the world.

These outstanding educators share their expertise with teachers taking the courses, mentor in the blended learning programs, write for the blog, provide content for the books, and work as encouragers for teachers everywhere — all because they believe that improving education by connecting teachers, helping them get better at what they do, and making them feel valued makes the world a better place. If you’re a teacher who’d like to learn with iTDi, sign up for a free account at http://iTDi.pro/.  If you’re a teacher who’d like join the team & mentor other teachers, let us know.

If you’re someone who believes in the power of teachers to change the world then consider providing an iTDi scholarship for a teacher, school or community in the developing world or donating as little as $1 US to help with our operating costs at http://itdi.pro/itdihome/patron.php .

“Your support makes a difference because the work we do matters.” – Chuck Sandy.


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