Learning English Through Hobbies


I’ve always interested in learning languages since I was a kid. Back when I was in Primary School, there was only 1 (one) language subject and that was only Bahasa Indonesia. That was before English become the one of the main subject in Primary School. I was influenced by my elder sister who is 5 years older than me. She listened to many foreign songs and I liked singing them at school. Oh, how I remember my friends liked to say this behind me, “Indrie always loves to show off and sings English songs”. I didn’t mind, I knew I was learning (and a little boasting too :-D). As my mother realised my interest in English, she started to enroll me to an English courses when I was in grade 5. Eversince then, my English skill started to develop. 

I bet most of you have heard about this pen pal association. I joined IYS (International Youth Service) and paid for pen pals. I kept requesting for more friends not only to practice my English but also expand my knowledge about world.

I did not go to a popular Junior High School, the English subject there was kind of below the level. This might gave a benefit for me, I was always been the top of the class in grades and English. My English teachers always favorited me whilst I continued learning at the English Course.

My interest in English started to develop even more when I was in Senior High School. I got the privilege to go to bookstores by myself, bought many English story books, joined the British Council Library to read and borrow more English books, I started watching movies with no subtitles and paying attention on the conversations and I began to play games, any games and not only playing games, I copied the words and found out the meanings. At this period of time, I love listening to Britpop songs: Oasis, Blur, Pulp and more. Listening and singing to their songs helped to enhance my vocabulary, speaking skills and accent.

As the Britpop era had gone, I began to like The Gilmore Girls series. I admit Britpop and The Gilmore Girls have different accents, but I don’t care, my aim was learning English. I love the duet of crazy mom and daughter, I learned more from them.

The development of games do contribute well in my learning. The Hidden Object Games which was popularized in later 2006’s helped me to learn more and expand my vocabulary.

There are actually many ways to learn English. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just find things that you enjoy doing and from there you will learn effectively. You can even use your hobbies to learn at the same time. I like listening music, singing, playing games, making lots of friends, writing etc. These hobbies have contributed a lot in my language learning journey. Hobbies don’t always waste your time, they can also be useful. These are some my ways to learn, you might have better ideas for this. So why waiting? Why don’t you try yours?